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Boulders, Oats and Sponsors

Hey there! As promised, I am here with another post for you guys.

Last Sunday I set off to Bradford to visit my friend Juozas and crush some boulders in Yorkshire. It was so nice to escape London and go climb some rock.
However, after pulling on plastic for very long time (~3 months) with no pleasure of touching a rock I noticed that i need to climb outdoors a lot more. Climbing indoors got me strong, but my footwork is ridiculous.
So, I took couple of boulders where footwork is much more important than strong fingers.

Photo: John Henstock

Photo: John Henstock

I fell, and fell again, and again… But after a day I managed to switch to Gritstone mode a bit more and climbed a 7B (V8) slab Synnert’s Saunter.

Couple days ago we went on a photo shoot with Troll Outdoors. I remember the moment we stepped into their office, my nose was hit by very strong lavender, and lemon oil scent. At first I couldn’t recognize the smell, but then I spotted a pile of Boot Bananas in the corner. A tour behind the curtain to see how Boot Bananas are made by hand was really cool. I must say I am very happy to represent this friendly company.

Photo: John Henstock

Photo: John Henstock

Every day seems to have been the same, but very different as well at the same time. We would usually get up at 7 indulge ourselves with a bowl of amazing oat porridge and a cup of coffee, and set of through the valleys of Yorkshire.
I was thinking, – If I lived somewhere closer to the nature outside London, or any other big city, would it make me as happy as leaving the big smoke. Would it be the same situation as having one chocolate sweet versus a bag of sweets? The less you get more you appreciate… I cannot say I hate urban surroundings, I just do not like very big cities. A quick escape possibility to outdoors, and I mean proper outdoors, not a park in a town, is massively important to me.

Me and Juozas were filming a bit. Here’re two teasers to keep your excitement until we release the whole video some time soon.

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New Beginning or The Second Attempt

Hello! I have finally decided to get back to my blog and take it a bit more serious than before. It has been more than a year since my last post (I know – shame on me).

A week ago I went back home to Lithuania for a week to rest from university, climbing, and visit my family. It was hard to keep myself on the track and rest, two days from my arrival was a Kaboriai Climbing Comp Round 3. I had to take part and have fun with locals.

After climbing 11 out of 12(could not hold a swing on the top hold) I got to finals and finished 4th. Matas, Šarūnas and Arūnas took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places respectively. Very well done boys!

Next day I got back to my hometown and went climbing to the local wall. I was like a kid in a candy store. Thanks Mikhail Kochetkov for giving me so much valuable advice and coaching me for a day. It’s surprising how much more productive my session was. Misha wouldn’t let me rush from problem to problem witch I struggle with (must be my character). I am willing to work hard to overcome that and will ask my climbing friends to stop me from rushing while climbing back in UK.

Another great thing had happened, I have met an old guy in his seventies who was climbing there as well. It definitely have put a smile on my face to see climber of such age in Lithuania (climbing is still very young and tiny sport here).

I have finished one of my university projects while visiting my sister. 


Now it’s time to go back to warm and sunny Britain (it was the day I left it for wet and cold Lithuania). Next week Juozas (sly plug of his blog) and me are going to crush hard on some Yorkshire gritstone.

P.S. I will try to write every other week, but sometimes I might write more ofter, you all know that blogging depends on several variables.

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