Hard Work, Competitions, and Everyday Life

Hello folks,

It took me ages to get back to my blog, but here I am again.

This time I will be sharing my thoughts about, as title says, hard work, competitions, and everyday life.


Let me start with talking about hard work, since that is the reason I took so long to write here. How do I understand ‘Hard Work’. For me it is, not necessarily type of work where one burns oneself and does not feel any accomplishment at the end of it. I see it as willingness to go that extra mile what ever it costs to make it worthwhile. You may ask, what I have been doing that I think I have been working hard lately. Let me put it out for you, guys.

May was the last month of my second year of university. A lot of running around sorting submitting last assignments – fun stuff, especially when it ends. Applying for jobs and internships to get into my chosen field took a lot of time and made me grow a lot.  People who know me personally, might have noticed that I am one of people who do like give it all or nothing.  This brings me to recent advertising of Adidas and Nike I noticed in London. A while ago I have spotted Nike’s new slogan with picture of Skull in flames which read ‘Risk Everything’. Couple months later in central London I have noticed busses wrapped in black with 3 stripes and All In Or Nothing on the front.  Both slogans mean pretty much the same. However, for me personally it seams like Adidas is just counter attacking Nike for their Risk Everything campaing. Adidas always seemed to be more of a low profile, but well respected sports brand, where Nike was shouting out loud to everybody ‘Just Do It’. Hard work can be seen behind both brands. To become well such a big brand you have to be working hard to beat your competition.


Competition might be with oneself or others. On 21st of June I have participated in British Bouldering Championship. From the beginning I knew that I am competing with myself more then with the rest of the guys who climbed at the Climbing Works in Sheffield on Saturday. It was a first that format bouldering competition for me. 5 minutes to solve the problem and move to the next one is a hard work. It is you and the climb, everything else becomes blurry. Competition helps to highlight strengths and weaknesses. I noticed that I have pretty strong fingers, but lacking power to go for wider shoulder moves. Sometimes experienced third party might spot more strengths and weaknesses than athletes themselves. I have decided to book couple of training sessions with experienced climbing coach to help me pin down my  weaknesses and help me improve even more.

In the section of everyday life I have to mention that I am super psyched for the new bouldering roof opened at the Reach Climbing Wall. It needed something like that for sure. Well built, well lit and well set, everything seems perfects for now. My friendly sponsors asked me to design some t shirts for them. Very soon I will wear those designs.


Tomorrow I and Mindaugas will go to Chamonix to climb the top of the Western Europe. I will try to produce another video of course.

The third episode of the Friendship is here for you guys.

Thank you!




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2 thoughts on “Hard Work, Competitions, and Everyday Life

  1. fishmate... says:

    Hey V, good work man. Love the way you show your attempts in the video and not successes. It blends well with your writing. Keep it up. I will be releasing the first few posts to my blog soon. Come check. M

  2. VaidasClimb says:

    Thanks mate! Will definitely check out your blog.

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