Ups, Downs, and Living in the Dirt

Hello EVERYONE who reads this blog!

Thank you for your time.

It has been an eternity since my last post, so I will start  at the same place where I finished last time. We went to Chamonix!

Photo: Vaidotas Monstavicius

Photo: Vaidotas Monstavicius


Amazing place! We stood on the top of the Western Europe. For me it was the second time, for Mindaugas the first.

Then the old saying – “It’s all about the journey, and not the destination” popped in my head. Being on the top for the second time was not that special. However, the Journey to it was amazing. On the way up we met two mountaineers from London. Will and his dad Scott wanted to do the same route – The Royal Traverse, but due to poor weather conditions had to go down and climb Frendo Spur instead. They left France the day we reached the summit.

It was nice to see that once a dirtbag climber/mountaineer, now is a banker and a really nice person. I won’t lie – it kind of made me think, that I do not want to sit in front of the computer  9 to 5 until I get old, but rather go climbing. Less money and more fun.

After we got down back to the valley we were stuck in the rain for 4 days flat out. Hiking and reading books helped, but lack of rock climbing was killing me and my mojo. From very top not only literal I went to the bottom and was there for couple of weeks. Guess what. My mojo is back. 

Everybody goes through ups and downs, and I think rock climbers/mountaineers – literally. The best way to get back up is not to give up and keep on going. Thank you Sandra Berlin and everybody else for positive vibes. I am ready to go harder to climb harder and reach my GOALS!

The next post won’t take so long, so keep your browsers running and watch this space in near future.

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