Holidays, Food, Guilt and New Sponsor!

Pheww… Christmas is in the past now. I hope you had a great one.

The most likely you stuffed your faces with plenty of tasty food and your new year’s resolution is to get fit and drop those kilos you gained.

Where to start?

Stop eating refined sugar and drink a lot of water to help your body flush all the “evil stuff”.

Without exercise results might be very distant. Hiking, running, cycling for longer periods will help you lose unwanted bodyweight. Skipping rope and swimming are great ways to keep up with your cardio vascular training. Latter is good, because it helps to relax your muscles, especialy shoulders and back. Needless to say, swimming helps to keep correct posture.

As my new sponsor BlocFit has been helping me with my training routines, Dave told me that high intensity circuit training is very good for burning calories. To add to that I would say that if you are not happy with your weight, any exercise and eating clean will help you reach your goals.

I mentioned Blocfit to you guys. David Culver is the main man there and he helps me with specific training for climbing. Even though I read a lot about training, sports science, and many other literature to help me reach my results and have a deeper understanding of human body, Dave is a great adviser/trainer, and I am very pleased to have him as my sponsor.

Two weeks from now I will be crushing hard with my friend Artūras from Lithuanian Climbing Team, in Albarracin, Spain. The use of chalk has been forbidden, but that will not hold us back from climbing and adventures in such an amazing place.



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