Three Countries in a Week

Hello people! As always, it was a while since my last post, but hey! I was busy training and climbing and doing everything else what normal people do.

I am back from my Euro traveling. In last couple of weeks I have been to Lithuania where I competed at Lithuanian Nationals. Well done Vilimantas Petrašiūnas for becoming the champion. Problems at the competition were really good. The credit goes to Juozas ‘J’ Bobina, Gediminas ‘G’ Monastyreckis, and Dmitrijus ‘Dima’ Monastyreckis. Keep it up guys!

Not long after the nationals almost whole Lithuanian team gathered in Val de Masino for annual bouldering festival Melloblocco. It was a first time I took part in Mello, but definitely not the last. The atmosphere was different from anything climbing related I had experienced so far. About 3000 people marching up and down the road with crash pads on their backs going from boulder to boulder. The event is notorious for the rain, but this year we were rather lucky. It only rained 1.5 out of 4 days.

Next year I will go there as well. On a rainy/rest day one can meet a lot of likeminded people, chat to representatives of many climbing clothing, footware, hardware companies.

Photo: Rokas Juozapavičius

Photo: Rokas Juozapavičius

I approached Vertics. This german company specialize in forearm compression sleeves. Earlier this year I have used them in Albarracin for almost a month.

This brings back memories of my first experience of compression socks in hospital after falling of my mountain bike in Scotland. Torn kidney and strict bed rest for five days is not the most pleasing memory.Hospital tag

What do they do?.. First and foremost keeps your forearms warm. With temperatures hitting subzero some days in Albarracin, it was helpful. Second, Vertics increase blood flow in forearms, thus a climber can beat that pump for longer. Third, when warming up, whole process is speed up a bit. Forth, wearing Vertics sleeves for couple of hours after climbing helps to boost muscle recovery, since more blood flows through climbers forearms it all seems logical.

I have only used them when climbing outdoors and was pretty happy with the product. In coming weeks testing whilst training will commence.

Watch this space for more info!

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