Friends, Abseils and Slate

Hello, people of the Internet! Another blog post has finally ripened.

The longer I live in London, the more I feel that it is not the right place for my adventurous and rebellious soul. One more year of my university course and then I will hopefully leave London for good. For now I have to be happy with another quick escape.

This time I am running away to Bangor, North Wales. Seeing friends is always nice, even better when you can climb with them. When Tim lived near the ‘Big Smoke’ we used to climb together a bit more often.

The moment I got of the train the excitement rushed through my body. Feeling of empty (almost) streets is something one does not experience in London. The capital city is running all day and all night. However, it was a bed time already, if we wanted to climb tomorrow.

Abseil01 After Tim got bad from university we packed up and drove to Llandudno. The Orme is an amazing place to climb. Sea cliffs, seagulls, fresh air and limestone routes. All the training at The Reach has paid off. On-sighted two F7A+, F6C and worked all the moves on a route called Master Plan F8A+ in a day. Fingers crossed I can come back some time soon before I head off to Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen, Germany and then Chamonix for couple of weeks.

I only had two days to stay in Bangor, so Wednesday morning I was introduced to some notorious slate climbing. Slate is very distinct from any other types of rock, I have not climbed on anything like that before. It would be a lie if I said that I completely enjoyed it – nowhere near. Maybe it was a route, that did not feel completely right for me. I had lost the psyche for the day. However, Tim convinced me to climb another route just to make the most of our day. Guess what, it changed my opinion about the slate. I suppose there are nice and not so climbs on any type of rock. Any climbing is still better than no climbing.

And of course I would not be myself if I did not bring a camera with me. In such a short time packed with lots of things I managed to film a short video of a normal day in Tim Muller’s life.

Until 12th of July I have to train and finish with my climber(not camper) van. It will be 4 people, lots of ropes, and some stunning climbing. Watch this space for more interesting posts in July!

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