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First Pancake – Not So burnt!

I has been 9 days since I have started my month long journey in Germany, Switzerland and France. I am loving it so far!

First stop was, Friedrichshafen, where I helped out Boot Bananas and Troll Outdoors at the massive OutDoor fade show. I was surprised how big it was. I had to buy a cruiser skateboard so I could get around quicker. As a total newbie to the fair I was absorbing and learning so much in such a short period of time. I won’t lie – maybe only 2/3 of the whole expo was something I wanted to see and was interested even if it was not related to climbing directly. A lot of stands were from asian companies displaying all sorts of fabrics.

The most fun I had while promoting Boot Bananas. I made this short social media video for their instagram page.

A video posted by @bootbananas on Jul 17, 2015 at 9:22am PDT

Outdoor people know how to work hard and play hard. The party at the end was great. Traditional German food and beers for ones who drink, a stage of rock music and one for the EDM fans.

It was hard to fit training/climbing around. During days it was roasting hot, but I managed to squeeze a fingerboard session on my van fitted beast maker and a cheeky session on the warm up bouldering wall for German Nationals, which took place during the trade fair.

At the moment I am in Chamonix. Duncan – another friend who lives in Chamonix – took us climbing to one of their spots. After warming up on Expresso F7A, I worked a sustained route (F7C+) with some powerful moves. I want to go back and tick it.

Robbie Phillips has joined me for a week. Yesterday we went up to Digital Crack just below Aiguille du Midi station. The scotsman managed to send it in the second go. For me, however, I was a bit more difficult and I was spanked by the route. I made a very quick observation, that my footwork, or rather trusting my feet is now as good as I would like it to be.

Robbie working the Digital Crack 8A

Robbie working the Digital Crack 8A

Two more weeks in the beautiful Chamonix, then Matterhorn. Keep checking this space for new blog in a week. In meantime go crush hard. As my good friend and training guru Dave Culver (BLOCFIT) said: Sit less – Campus more!
Au revoir!


Wales, Lakes and Happiness



Hey guys, have you ever witnessed another person becoming very happy. I mean truly happy, not “you got me an iPad” happy. I suppose that could work as well, but in my case it was experience based. A while ago my mum came to UK to visit me. We went to places, and done things.

My awesome mum!

My awesome mum!

After I picked her up from the airport, we drove to North Wales. It was a lot of greenery there. First stop – Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall. Mountains are not very big there, in fact there are no big mountains in the whole of UK. After scaling alps everything looks a lot smaller. However, my beloved mother was stuned by the beauty of that place and I could see that she is extremely delighted. Lithuania is flat, you see. At the age of 55 she scaled her first mountain. One would think, that at this age it is hard to have an experience for the very first time.
Mamos vizitaswaterfall7
Stop number two was Snowdonia. My mum was, as we lithuanians say, “on the 9th cloud”. I cannot tell you what number was the cloud at the Snowdon, but we litteraly summited the highes mountain in Wales by stepping into a cloud. 2h up and 2hours down on the PYG trail is not bad for the person climbing a mountain of such height for the first time ever. Including freequent breaks for my mum to absorb as much scenery as possible.
Mamos vizitasmountain1

Third day and we arrived at Late District. It might sound that we were doing some sort of three peak challenge, but we were not. We climbed Scafell Pike and that was it. It is hard to describe the feeling of seeing the most important person in my life so happy.
Mamos vizitasmountain3
The lesson, I learned from this short trip, was that – time spent with family is time well spent. It does not matter how short it was
Next time you are resting from rock climbing. Grab your parents and go on the adventure. Let it be a micro adventure, but still an adventure.

Next summer I might take my mother to alps to experience the next level of mountains.

Since I had my camera with me, I made a short video of our trip.

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