You Are Not Always On The Top

Last month I was a guest in, as my friend Talo Martín jokingly calls it, the ‘Granite Fontainebleau’.  As with the previous trip I had to have a goal for a the time there. I knew that weather is a strong influencing factor and my goal might be half, if finished at all. 

I set, as with the sport climbing trip in August, to climb 10 x 7Bs-B+s and at least one 7C-C+. What I was soon to realize that I forgot how B and B+ is of a more significant difficulty than b-b+ in sport climbing. I just thought that I will try as hard as I could and climb as many as I could boulders. 

Coming back to London from the trip in the alps got me trapped in the ‘Why do I Climb’ thinking. Re-evaluation was due. Having no particular goal prevented me from feeling about climbing I used to. Previous years I was training from competition to competition, but now I am all outdoors and as little comps as possible. Going to a new climbing area limits you to what to expect from that crag. Therefore, projecting something is hard before you see what’s there and I personally experienced dip in my motivation for training. I just wanted the adventure. Why do you climb? I do it because I can progress in so many different aspects: different styles and types of climbing, different cultures I explore whilst on a mission to climb, in other words climbing helps me to grow as a person and for certain makes you a bit more humble. The rock could not care less about our ego. Realizing that makes you aproach climbing in a slightly other way. I see it as a privilege and an opportunity to unite with the nature and feel free from worries. Worrying does not help. Feeling competent does. So if you need to brush up some technical aspects for the next trip. I would rather do that before you get stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Back in La Pedriza I was having fun and after every day looking at my logbook reminded me that I need to get stronger or try really hard to achieve my goal. 

I am proud to say that I have not reached my goal. Beeing somewhere just below half way was where I ended up before I got back to London. 

What did I learn? Set yourself reallistic goals. My ones where realistic, but just about. 

What is next? I am getting ready for a big expedition in August. We will be climbing some unclimbed rock and exploring remote depths of Russia. On that later…

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